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    mazu M2500 System
    Now until March 31, 2019, when you purchase a mazu M2500 System you get $250 in FREE service discounts: FREE Activation and 3 months FREE Service on the Explore Plan. All you need is Promo Code: BoatShowSpecial. Don't miss out on these savings!

    M2500 System Includes ISI-2000, IGT-2100 with 30' Cable, Keypad & ISI-2000 Power Cable

    Easy Installation and low power draw.

    The mSeries system, used in conjunction with the mazu app, provides global satellite connectivity for boaters. We include everything that you need: an ISI-2000 communications hub; a compact IGT-2100 smart antenna with a 30-foot digital cable; and an illuminated keypad with message waiting indicator and SOS emergency buttons.

    mSeries Installation is a snap – the plug-and-play system is easy to set up on most boats and provides reliable global coverage via the Iridium 

    Includes the ISI-2000, IGT-2100 with 30-foot cable, keypad and ISI-2000 power cable.


    Global Coverage

    mazu will always be there for you.

    • Complete global coverage
    • Year-round, 24/7 SOS monitoring by SAR emergency response team


    Get the up-to-date information you need whether on shore searching for the perfect weather window or offshore trying to avoid a storm.

    • 7-day GRIB forecasts
    • 7-day point forecasts
    • Live buoy data
    • NOAA zone weather forecasts
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • NEXRAD imagery
    • Tropical storm advisories

    Email & SMS*

    Stay in touch with friends and family.

    • Email
    • SMS messaging
    • Position reporting

    *SMS coverage may vary by country.


    Know where you are, where you are going and when you will arrive.

    • On-screen NOAA charts
    • Create and edit routes
    • Import and export routes
    • Convert tracks to routes
    • Reverse your route
    • Real-time and NMEA navigation information

    Boat Monitoring*

    Maintain constant contact with your vessel for complete peace of mind.

    • Monitor and control your boat from anywhere
    • Emergency notifications
    • Year-round, 24/7 search and rescue

    *Sentry is a paid add-on and activation plans require Sentry activation for monitoring.

    m2500 System Includes:

    • One (1) ISI-2000 cable
    • One (1) IGT-2100 with 30-foot cable
    • One (1) Keypad
    • One (1) ISI-2000 power cable

    * iPad not included

    The All-New Minn Kota® Talon® Offers More Control Options, Deeper Anchoring and Added Versatility

    The All-New Minn Kota® Talon® Offers More Control Options, Deeper Anchoring and Added Versatility

    Using a Minn Kota® Talon® for precise boat control has never been easier. In fact, there are now five ways for anglers to activate the Talon from anywhere in the boat. The newest way utilizes Bluetooth® communication to pair the Talon with Humminbird® units on the boat for total boat control on one console (including the ability to pair Humminbird units with select Minn Kota trolling motors). Anglers can also engage the anchor using a foot switch, with a wireless remote (every Talon comes standard with two), via the new Talon smartphone app, and with the Talon’s built-in control panel.

    Talon hero image

    According to Minn Kota Brand Manager Brad Henry, “When it’s time to Talon down we give anglers options so they can lock on a spot no matter where they are in the boat or their style of fishing.”

    Another major advancement is the introduction of Minn Kota’s new 15-foot Talon, the deepest shallow-water anchor ever made. It allows anglers to lock down on more spots to effectively unlock more water.

    Hall of Fame angler Al Lindner explains how Talon’s depth delivers results for his multi-species pursuits. “I use it for catfish in rivers, for crappies in the spring, naturally for bass, and in more cases than I ever thought - for walleyes. Yeah, you heard me right, walleyes.”

    Also new for 2017 is a clever work light built into the Talon top cap. When fishing in dark conditions, the work light illuminates the entire back deck of the boat to help anglers when rigging and landing fish at night. It has three brightness settings and white or blue LED light options for ideal illumination.

    Talon allows anglers to anchor in any condition with three user-selectable anchoring modes – another exclusive feature. The AUTO-DRIVE MODE powers the spike into the bottom with three increasingly aggressive hits. A SOFT BOTTOM MODE is ideal for less aggressive anchoring and easier retraction in muddy or silted bottom. When the wind is blowing, the ROUGH WATER MODE performs three consecutive auto-drive sequences at 10-second intervals for a secure hold when the boat rises and falls in waves.

    Talon’s electro-mechanical design keeps the motor above the waterline for silent stealth below the surface. Talon also deploys vertically and out of the way, helping eliminate unwanted tangles when fighting boat-side fish. Also, anglers can add the tilt bracket accessory for easy tilt function for passing under low-hanging obstacles.

    In addition to the new 15-footer, Talons are also available in 8-, 10- and 12-foot models. They all feature Bluetooth technology with a variety of color combinations including red/black, blue/black, silver/black, silver/white, all black and all white. The new Talons will be available in October 2017 and will retail for $1,899.99 (8-foot), $1,999.99 (10-foot), 2,099.99 (12-foot) and $2,499.99 (15-foot).

    For more information visit MinnKotaMotors.com/Talon.

    About Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
    Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors and consists of the Humminbird®, Minn Kota® and Cannon® brands. Humminbird® is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fishfinders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers and premium cartography products. Minn Kota® is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as a complete line of Talon® shallow-water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Cannon® is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.

    About Johnson Outdoors
    JOHNSON OUTDOORS is a leading global outdoor recreation company that turns ideas into adventure with innovative, top-quality products. The company designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of winning, consumer-preferred brands across four categories: Watercraft, Marine Electronics, Diving and Outdoor Gear. Johnson Outdoors' familiar brands include, among others: Old Town® canoes and kayaks; Ocean Kayak™ and Necky® kayaks; Carlisle®paddles; Extrasport® personal flotation devices; Minn Kota® fishing motors, batteries and anchors; Cannon® downriggers; Humminbird® marine electronics and digital charts; SCUBAPRO® dive equipment; Silva® compasses; Jetboil® outdoor cooking systems; and Eureka!®camping and hiking equipment.

    Humminbird® Introduces Second Generation SOLIX® Series with Advanced Sonar and Imaging Capabilities

    Rhodes Electronics - Marine Electronics

    With the inclusion of brand new technologies like MEGA Imaging+ and Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, the new SOLIX® Series second generation (G2) units continue to build on Humminbird’s commitment to giving anglers a more complete picture of the water beneath them to help them find and catch more fish.

    When Humminbird® introduced award-winning SOLIX, it was recognized as the most advanced fish finder of its time. Now, with new technologies and unmatched integration capabilities with Minn Kota® trolling motors, the SOLIX is once again redefining excellence in the category. MEGA Imaging+, featured in the new SOLIX G2 units, extends Humminbird’s exclusive and best-in-class imaging capabilities down 200 feet for MEGA Down Imaging+TM and 200 feet to each side with MEGA Side Imaging+ TM. Humminbird’s MEGA Imaging+ technology is in the megahertz range with performance that’s three times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies. It provides the clearest, sharpest imaging returns ever, unlocking more fish and structure with 20 percent more detail than MEGA Imaging®.

    SOLIX G2 units also come equipped with Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar – engineered to help anglers see individual fish, clearly identify bait and structure, and reach greater depths. Anglers can easily see fish, lure and activity along the bottom in more detail with fewer setting adjustments. Dual Spectrum CHIRP allows anglers to choose between Wide Mode, showing bigger and better fish arches, and Narrow Mode, maximizing detail and target separation.

    In true Humminbird fashion, these technologies are packaged in an easy-to-use interface and system that can make any angler better. The SOLIX G2 comes standard with Humminbird’s Cross Touch® Interface, letting anglers operate the unit via touchscreen or keypad, all while customizing the screen with up to four independent viewing panes.

    In addition to providing the clearest, sharpest imaging returns, the SOLIX G2 units offer advanced mapping capabilities to identify fish-holding areas and eliminate non-productive water. The SOLIX G2 units come equipped with AutoChart® Live technology that creates and saves structure maps on any body of water.  AutoChart Live identifies and maps depth, bottom hardness and vegetation. Anglers know that fish relate to depth, weed lines and transition points in bottom type – for example where a soft, muddy bottom transitions to firm sand or rock. By collecting all that data on an AutoChart Live map, Humminbird helps anglers keep their boat in the strike zone on productive structures. The units also come pre-loaded with Humminbird Basemap, a mapping system that includes contour maps for more than 10,000 U.S. lakes.

    Fishing takes another huge step forward when the One-Boat Network is employed and AutoChart Live is used in conjunction with i-Pilot® Link from Minn Kota. Through the One-Boat Network, both technologies cooperate, allowing anglers to tell the Minn Kota trolling motor to “follow” a specific AutoChart Live contour at a set speed, and with the press of a button the boat will precisely follow the exact path. Now, anglers no longer need to guess where a fish-holding structure is located. They can precisely follow the weed line, bottom hardness or depth contour, and stay within easy casting distance of their target. The One-Boat Network allows anglers to navigate their boat automatically and reposition or anchor effortlessly.

    “The new SOLIX G2 fish finders, joined with the power of Minn Kota Built-In MEGA Down ImagingTM trolling motors combine the full capabilities of Humminbird and Minn Kota product through the One-Boat Network,” said Joe Brown, senior director brand management, Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics. “New technologies like MEGA Imaging+ and Dual Spectrum CHIRP only add to that system as we make time on the water more efficient and more productive for anglers everywhere.”

    In addition, Bluetooth® is built into every unit, allowing anglers to sync smartphones to the units. Text messages, missed calls, signal strength and other notifications appear right on the Humminbird display, so phones can stay safely in pockets where they belong for hands-free fishing. It creates a flawless on-board network of electronics and connectivity. Wi-Fi is also included.

    For plug-and-fish networking, high-speed ethernet provides easy connectivity to Humminbird 360 Imaging, Minn Kota i-Pilot Link, Humminbird CHIRP Radar, and additional SOLIX or select HELIX® units. The new units are fully compatible with Humminbird LakeMaster® charts, SmartStrike and Navionics® + and HotMaps Platinum+. Users are also able to sync each unit with their phone using the Humminbird FishSmart® app, to search for available software updates, and send the files wirelessly to the fish finder. All SOLIX units come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    For more information call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit http://www.humminbird.com/

    About Humminbird

    JOHNSON OUTDOORS FISHING is comprised of the Minn Kota®, Cannon® and Humminbird® brands. Minn Kota is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as a complete line of shallow water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Humminbird is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fish finders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers, and premium cartography products. Cannon is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories. Visit Humminbird at www.humminbird.com

    JOHNSON OUTDOORS is a leading global outdoor recreation company that inspires more people to experience the awe of the great outdoors with innovative, top-quality products. The company designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of winning, consumer-preferred brands across four categories: Watercraft, Fishing, Diving and Camping.

    5 Reasons Why Raymarine Element Helps You Win on the Water

    Rhodes Electronics - Marine Electronics

    Whether you fish competitively or for fun, the new Element™ CHIRP Sonar/GPS series from Raymarine is a powerful new tool to help you find and catch more fish. Easy to own and simple to use, Raymarine Element helps you win on the water. Here are five reasons why:

    1. Glass-bottom boats aren’t all that practical

    Element delivers the sharpest views of the underwater world via HyperVision™ 1.2 megahertz super high-resolution sonar technology and a single, all-in-one transducer. HyperVision technology takes CHIRP sonar, DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVison™ 3D sonar to the next level of precision imaging and fish identification, helping you see and understand structures, vegetation, bait, and gamefish in real time with lifelike clarity.

    2. Screen lag is really annoying

    Element - Intuitive Controls | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

    Element has unprecedented power and unrivaled speed in its category, courtesy of a powerful quad-core processor across its complete line of 7”, 9” and 12” models. For you, the angler, that means instantaneous chart redraws, immediate page and menu transitions, and smooth, high-resolution sonar rendering—whether running Raymarine’s information-intensive RealVision 3D sonar, or all four sonar modules at once.

    3. You have better things to do than study another instruction manual

    Element - LightHouse Sport OS | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

    Element delivers an uncluttered user experience that’s built for fishermen. An oversized waypoint button allows for quick and easy marking of fish, structure, or any other location of interest, while three user-programmable quick keys provide one-step access to your favorite pages or views. The LightHouse Sport operating system features icons for common fishing activities like casting, jigging and trolling, which provide linked access to preconfigured sonar views that best support those techniques. Element’s intuitive, angler-centric operation means less time learning about your electronics and navigating menus, and more time learning about your immediate fishing environment.

    4. Great fishing isn’t always on the map

    Element - Make Your Own Maps | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

    Element provides support for numerous desirable fishing-chart options, including Navionics, LightHouse NC2 with Fishing Hot Spots, Standard Mapping, C-MAP and more. Best of all, Element makes it easy to produce your own maps while fishing or underway. Navionics SonarChart Live and Raymarine RealBathy™ personal sonar map recording allow Element to produce the custom maps the other guys wish they had, but don’t.

    5. You want the best, but still need money for gas and bait

    Element - Angler-Friendly Prices | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

    Offering superior Raymarine sonar, unrivaled speed, simplicity and custom-mapping ability, Element delivers Raymarine’s top fishing technologies at angler-friendly prices starting at just €595.00.

    Want the best available sonar and GPS technologies for fishing without the expense of a Multifunction Display with features you’ll never use? Outfit your boat with a new Element Sonar/GPS from Raymarine, and start winning on the water.

    To learn more about the Raymarine Element, please visit Raymarine.com/Element.

    Garmin® adds new BlueChart g3 and LakeVü g3 with Navionics cartography to its popular ECHOMAP Plus series Tuesday, January 8, 2019 6:00 am CST

    Rhodes Electronics - Marine Electronics
    Combining on-screen navigation with the latest in high-resolution satellite imagery, this mapping product - with complete coverage on a single card - offers clear and current information regarding access to those backwaters, swamps and canals where standard government-issued marine charts may not accurately represent the shifting shorelines of navigable waterways

    Read more